Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ad Pack Pro (Or Any OTHER Rev Share) Strategy

Ad Pack Pro (Or Any OTHER Rev Share) Strategy
There is REAL PASSIVE INCOME for life, if you implement the right kind of Ad Pack Pro strategy. Start at whatever amount of ad packs you can afford.
The max amount of ad packs that a person can have is 3000. Since each ad pack costs 25EUR, it would cost 75000EUR if you were looking to just come in and max-out the ad pack threshold. From there, You'd simply be withdrawing money and "re-up'ing" your ad pack amount to get it back to 3000 again because ad packs will expire, of course.
I'm not sure if anybody, yet, has just simply come in and made the maximum ad pack purchase in Ad Pack Pro International . I'll tell you this, though. If somebody has used this strategy, it really made their sponsor's day, or week, or month, or year, or life!! The sponsor would be earning money out their ears from that day, on out.
Not just the sponsor.. but the sponsor's sponsor. Because Ad Pack Pro pays-out on 2 levels like that. The first level pays-out 2.75 EUR per ad pack purchased, while the second level pays-out 1.75 EUR per ad pack purchased.
All anybody needs to do is come in and purchase some ad packs and promote the APP opportunity to others. Sooner or later you'll get some referrals, as long as you are putting-in an effort to sharing it with others. Plus, you'll be able to share your experiences, this will help big time.
As in all rev share programs, getting those referrals is truly where the money is. Simply repurchasing ad packs of your own without having a referral is the slow way to build this business. Even if you just get yourself one referral it will great speed-up your ad pack earnings.
Most rev share programs only pay 10% on the first level, if they even pay you at all. But 10% is like the norm for most of them. Ad Pack Pro will pay you 11%.. this extra 1% is HUGE. But this extra 1% isn't all.
Ad Pack Pro will pay you a whopping 7% on your second-level referrals. These can be people you don't even know or possibly won't ever meet in your entire lifetime.. paying your money each time they buy another ad pack. It is a beautiful thing to have this happen. True freedom this is.
I plan to be a part of the "Club 3000" in Ad Pack Pro, someday. I'll do it by getting lots of referrals and helping them to build their teams. Once people get lots of "advertising power" from their ad packs they will begin to notice that it is powerful. Website traffic is critical if you plan to do any type of online business.
APP members can build their "traffic empire" while regularly withdrawing money out of the system, once it gets built-up. Having referrals with large ad pack amounts will throw an account into overdrive. It will let you be able to withdraw all of the time while still growing your account.
The best way to determine how much money you can withdraw without having your account go backwards is to look at what you are earning each day only from affiliate/referral commissions.  You can safely take this money out of the system all of the time without it affecting your "natural compounding" within your own account.
I wouldn't advise this, though. Believe me, you want to have that fresh "referral commission" money compounding in your "compounder", as well. Until you hit the 3000 max packs that you are allowed. Why not? It is "free money" that you get to compound with.
So this way you'd wait a bit longer before withdrawing any serious money but once you hit the max amount on APP ad packs you can (you HAVE TO) withdraw like a madman, or madwoman.
SO the moral of this story, blog post is that you want to get so excited that you get others to join. By helping them to build THEIR accounts, it will make you so much money that it will be unreal. THIS should be your Ad Pack Pro strategy.
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